Lawn Management

Lawn Mowing:

Matrix Landscapes provides lawn mowing services to all clients. Lets us maintain your lawn so you have more time to enjoy the time you spend in it. We work with all customers on their specific mowing needs.

Fertilizing and Weed Control:

Matrix Landscapes offers fertilizer programs that will ensure your lawn is green and weed free. We offer a variety of programs that can be tailored to each customers needs based on their preferences and lawn needs. Our fertilizer technicians will also provide feed back you if they see any disease or issues with the health and integrity of your lawn.

Spring and Fall Clean Up:

Tired of endless hours of raking every spring and fall. Matrix performs spring and fall clean ups to remove leaves, sticks, and twigs from your yard. Call use today to schedule your clean up.

Mulch Installation:

Looking to spruce up your mulch beds or add another mulch bed. Let us refresh your existing beds with the mulch of your choice to maintain proper depths. Or contact us for a free estimate to add a new mulch bed to your lawn.


Although there are no specific days of the year to prune the vast variety of plants out there. Let Matrix take the worry out of your hands and prune for you. Pruning helps to ensure the healthy growth of your plants. Our qualified staff will make sure your plants are pruned correctly and timely.


Aerating promotes drainage and air circulation to the root zone of your grass. Matrix provides this service typically in the spring and fall. Aerating helps with root growth that helps in maintaining a healthy lawn. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an aeration.


De-Thatching removes the thatch/debris from the lawn. Dethatching is essential to maintain a lush, healthy lawn. Excessive thatch prevents moisture, oxygen and nutrients from penetrating the soil. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a dethatching.